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Walks are generally scheduled four times each year in the spring and fall. Two Men's Walks and two Women's Walks. The schedule below show the Walks that have already been scheduled with Camp Happyland.

Walk Dates Lay Director
FE-115 Men 24-27 Oct 2019 Larry Jenkins, Jr.
FE-116 Women 7-10 November 2019 Bonnie Wells
FE-117 Men TBD Jake Riley
FE-118 Women TBD Sandra Coney

Walk Event Times...

Pilgrim Arrival:  Thursday, 6:30-7:00 pm
Candlelight:  Saturday, 7:30 pm
Closing:  Sunday, 4:00 pm

Instructions for Walk Agape:

General Agape should be for all Pilgrims and all Team Members and it should be anonymous. Please Pre-Sort Agape into a labeled bag for 24 Pilgrims and 24 Team Members for the three Agape events: Friday afternoon Agape Bag, Friday night Bed Agape and Saturday night Bed Agape. If any agape has a cord or chain, (lanyards/crosses), please individually wrap them in small baggies otherwise we may have to untangle each one.

Pilgrim Sponsors need to get 8-12 Personal Agape letters and separate them from all other Agape.

Past Fredericksburg Emmaus Walks

Walk Team Pilgrims Picture
FE-114 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-113 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-112 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-111 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-110 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-109 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-108 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-107 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-106 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-105 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-104 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-103 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-102 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-101 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-100 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-99 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-98 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-97 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-96 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-95 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-94 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-93 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-92 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-91 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-90 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-89 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-88 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-87 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-86 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-85 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-84 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-83 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-82 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-81 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-80 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-79 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-78 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-77 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-76 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-75 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-74 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-73 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-72 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-71 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-70 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-69 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-68 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-67 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-66 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-65 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-64 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-63 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-62 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-61 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-60 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-59 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-58 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-57 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-56 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-55 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-54 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-53 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-52 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-51 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-50 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-49 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-48 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-47 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-46 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-45 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-44 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-43 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-42 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-41 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-40 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-39 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-38 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-37 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-36 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-35 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-34 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-33 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-32 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-31 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-30 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-29 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-28 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-27 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-26 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-25 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-24 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-23 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-22 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-21 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-20 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-19 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-18 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-17 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-16 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-15 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-14 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-13 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-12 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-11 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-10 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-9 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-8 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-7 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-6 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-5 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-4 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-3 (Men)TeamPilgrims
FE-2 (Women)TeamPilgrims
FE-1 (Men)TeamPilgrims

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