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Board of Directors

Fredericksburg Emmaus is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of fifteen members of the Community that are elected by the Community to serve for three year terms. The membership includes six lay men, six lay women and three clergy. Five new members (one clergy, two lay men and two lay women) are elected each year in the spring. A new Board takes office at the Board Meeting in January of each year.


Position Member

Community Lay Director

Sue Marvin

Assistant Community Lay Director

Dan See

Community Spiritual Director

Robin BeMiller


Pam Hiller


Geri Bartman

Members by class*

Class of 2023

Robin BeMiller (SD)

Geri Bartman

Marc McDonald

Jacob Riley

Fran Taylor

Class of 2024

Kathy Gochenour (SD)

Mike WIlson

Matt McBride

Patricia Sjoberg

Sue Marvin

Class of 2025

Rosemary Blankenship (SD)

Pam Hiller

Joanne Wilson

Chris Campbell

Dan See

* Year noted is the year thru which their term ends. For example, the class of 2022 will serve through December 2022.

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