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his page contains some of the Emmaus Community terminology frequently used by Team members in our Community and the Board of Directors.  If you don't find the answer to a question you are interested in, please click on the Contact link at the top or bottom of this page and let us hear from you.

What is a WLD?

Weekend Lay Director (WLD) Is the leader of the walk. They form and train the lay team. They give the Perseverance talk. They have been an ALD previously.

What is a ALD?

Assistant Lay Director (ALD) give ones of the key lay talks. They are responsible for keeping the weekend moving smoothly. Each day one of them is responsible for the conference room, one for the kitchen and one for that day’s speakers. Teams will alternate between having one or two experienced ALDs. First time ALDs have previously been on at least two teams, have served as both an ATL and TL, and have given at least one talk. Experienced ALDs have been an ALD before.

What is a LSD?

Lead Spiritual Director (LSD) is the spiritual leader of the walk. They form and train the clergy team. They give the Means of Grace talk and lead the Dying Moments communion service. They have been an SD at least once previously

What is a ASD?

Assistant Spiritual Director (ASD or just SD) gives one of the clergy "grace" talks. They also lead one or more of the meditations and are available to pilgrims (and team members) for spiritual counseling.

What is a TL?

Table Leader (TL) responsible for facilitating the talk reviews at the table and sometimes gives a lay talk. They need to encourage all pilgrims to participate and not let any one person dominate the discussion.

What is a ATL?

Assistant Table Leader (ATL) sometimes gives one of the lay talks. They also help the table leader by modeling a cooperative pilgrim – they follow directions, are on time, help keep table discussions on topic, and encourage all pilgrims to participate.

What is a MD?

Music Director (MD) responsible for all of the music on the weekend. They should have been part of a MT (Music Team) at least once. They select what music is appropriate when. They teach the pilgrims community songs. They provide meditative solos during special services. They lead the conference room in worship through music.

What is a MT?

Music Team (MT) help lead the music along with the MD. They may provide some of the special solos. Most importantly, they are there to learn how to select appropriate music during the walk’s progress and how to transform music from performance to group worship

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