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Volunteers are the wonderful people that make our Emmaus Community possible.  Here are some of the many people that provide support behind the scenes.

Our Emmaus Community is looking for volunteers to fill several vacant coordinator positions, (please see below). If you are interested in serving in any capacity, please contact Chris Campbell at root@list.fredwalk.org

Elected Community Officers (through 30 June 2016):

Community Lay Director - Terry Cook

Assistant Community Lay Director - John Mann

Community Spiritual Director -Chris Fair

Other Board Spiritual Directors -Rosemary Blankenship, Billy Showers

Secretary -Diana Farrar

Treasurer -Stephanie Serrett


Beth McBrideKaren Campbell
Tammi EllisDan See
Ed HaynerRon Jennings
Matt GreenGregg Snyder

Agape Coordinator -OPEN

Manuals Coordinator/Historian -Beth McBride

Community Volunteers (Sept 1, 2014 - Aug 31, 2014)

Communications Support Coordinator - Mary Lee Hensel
Website and Database Administrator - Chris Campbell
Newsletter - Brooke Ferguson
Daily Prayer Chain Coordinator - Debbie Bliss

Fourth Day Support Coordinator - Gregg Snyder
Fourth Day Advisory Committee - Mary Lee Hensel
Fourth Day Follow-Up/Reunion Group Coordinator - Gregg Snyder

Team Selection Committee - Ed Hayner
Team Registrar - Chris and Karen Campbell
Pilgrim Registrars - Debbie Bliss

Gathering Support Coordinator - Mary Lee Hensel
Hospitality Coordinator - OPEN

Music/Equipment Coordinator - Beth McBride

Weekend Support Coordinator - Debbie Bliss
Community Servant Coordinator -
Community Baker - Sandie Makely
Supplies Coordinator - Chris & Karen Campbell
Prayer Vigil Coordinator -
Placemat Coordinator - Mary Lee Hensel/Diana Farrar
Snack Agape Coordinator - OPEN
Agape Bag Coordinator - Karen Campbell
Name Badge Coordinator - Gary Adkins/Diana Wells
Fourth Day Packets - Diana Farrar